Introduction to Statistical Computing

Bios 6301 at Vanderbilt University

Course Synopsis

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Course Synopsis

This course is designed to provide students the fundamental skills for effective statistical programming. Students will learn to use R (a statistical programming language) for data manipulation, summarization and analysis. Topics will include programming syntax and data structures, generation of scientific graphics, writing functions, debugging and testing, programming paradigms, simulation and optimization. Students will also be introduced to LaTeX, Markdown and knitr for report writing, version control using Git, and basic SQL programming.

Prerequisites: Some introductory undergraduate statistics or permission of instructor.


Cole Beck, BSc, Senior Application Developer

Chris Fonnesbeck, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

TA: Cole Harris, PhD Student, Biostatistics

Lecture hall

Room 11105, 11th floor, 2525 West End Avenue


All class communication will take place using Slack, a messaging system that replaces email. Students should join the Bios 6301 Slack channel.

Student Resources

Free DataCamp access available for students of course thanks to DataCamp’s education initiatives.